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University Of Louisville Campus Jobs by Tony Viscardi
The New Field hockey Facility - Trager Stadium
Located on the University Of Louisville's campus at the entrance of the brand new field hockey facility.
Viscardi designed the awning and the gates and the L logo pieces.
The New Field hockey Coach's Offices- Trager Stadium
Located in the coach's offices at the brand new field hockey facility.
The New Field hockey Locker Rooms - Trager Stadium
2 signs arched to make the Louisville and Cardinals look like they are floating
Tv Stand cover in brushed Aluminum in the athletic Film room
Donation plaques put in each locker, donations of $1,000 each was given to raise money for the team
Two card head signs at the entrance of Cardinal Park
The Rudd Tennis Center Lobby
bass rudd tennis center, Louisville Tennis, university of louisville tennis, tony viscardi viscardi designs,
Glass top floating on 8 red balls
University of Louisville tennis, viscardi designs, tony viscardi, louisville tennis,
Louisville Tennis sign 7 ft wide
Louisville tennis, Bass Rudd Tennis Center, University of louisville, viscardi designs,
Louisville Golf Offices
Louisville golf, golf louisville, university of louiville golf team, viscardi designs,
Louisville womans tennis Lockerooms
Louisville Hockey teams main lobby sign
Misc UofL jobs
Russ Smiths, Golf Scramble
Kluas Wilsmeyer former UofLkicker and Superbowl Champ with the San Fransico 49er's
David Etscorn's UofL basement makeover
UofL papa Johns suite pieces
UofL papa Johns suite pieces for Rick Wilson's suite
UofL papa Johns suite pieces for Janet Fabor's  suite
UofL piece created for former UofL quarterback Gary Ahrens #8
2 Sided UofL Sculpture with LED lighting
2 Sided Sculpture with LED lighting
NBA Star and Louisville Card Donovan Mitchell
Created for Legendary Hall Of Fame coach Denny Crum
Created for Legendary Hall Of Fame coach Denny Crum
Go Cards, University Of Louisville Sports Logos
Hall Of Fame coach Denny Crum and his beautiful wife Suzan Sweeney Crum
 Legendary Hall Of Fame coach Denny Crum with Tony Viscardi
Created for UofL head football coach Scott Satterfield
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